image1-1A little about me:

In 2012, I decided it was time to eat clean, feel better, and change my life. I wanted to set aside all my preconceived notions about life, health, and spirituality. Instead of believing everything I’d been told all my life, I figured it was time to seek out the answers on my own.

After extensively researching innumerable diets, fads, “lifestyles”, supplements, etc. (ad nauseam), I chose to make a daily effort to eat real foods, as close to the source as possible… as close to the original state as possible.

So far, it has worked for me. Personally, I’ve seen many positive results. I’ve been maintaining a healthy weight without meticulous calorie-counting. I’ve gone almost two years without seasonal allergies. I’m able to enjoy nutrient-dense foods, so I NEVER have to feel hungry or deprived.

If you are searching, please look here. If this is of some benefit to you, please stay. If not, good luck on your search! I’m not a doctor, so I can’t guarantee results or long-term benefits. I can only speak to my own experience, and those like me.

To life and health,



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