You Are What You Eat, So Don’t Be a Human

Today, I stopped to consider why I eat grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and carrion-fed condor. Maybe its just a mental thing, but I truly believe that animals raised on their natural food sources taste better. I can attest that wild-caught manatee is at least twice as good as farm-raised.

On top of the flavor, it just makes sense to me that what animals eat is passed on to us in one way or another. The nutrients in a cow’s body will come from their source of food, whether it is grass, corn, an unlucky farmhand who fell into the wheat thresher, grain, or grain by-products.

It’s not just from their diet, but also the other areas of their lifestyle. I only eat poultry from farms where the chickens are free-range, are not allowed to smoke, and they are never given malt liquor to excess.

Again, maybe it’s a mental thing, maybe it’s Maybelline, but I also physically feel better after changing over to organic meats. My stomach feels more satisfied after I eat a meal. It’s almost as if my body recognizes organic grass-fed beef more as food than it did the overly-processed, hormone-injected, grain by-product-fed beef. I find myself eating smaller portions, even without thinking about it. I think it’s also no coincidence that I got my taxes done a full month earlier, the Polar Vortex lifted, and Alex Trebek is still Canadian.

To really personalize it, though, I had to consider: “If someone ate me, would they be nourished, or would they get sick from all the toxins in my muscles, liver, bones, and oozy red stuff?”

And what would be a fitting side dish? Would I be served with red or white wine? Am I safe for someone with a peanut allergy?

There is plenty of research out there saying that organic beef is far more healthful than standard feedlot beef. On the other hand, there is plenty of research out there showing that feedlot beef is every bit as good for you as organic. I’m not linking to any of that here, because I fully believe you are smart enough and capable enough to research for yourself and make your own informed decision. I also happen to be very, very lazy. So happy Googling to you!

If, at the end of your research, you still don’t believe that you could really feel better by changing what foods you put in your body… then you can eat me.


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